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Blackberry: Why pay for celebrities

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on February 2, 2009

Research In Motion and Blackberry do not require any celebrity endorsement. Why would they when the biggest celebrity in the world, the single “hero” in the world and in America, is doing it for them and is not charging a single cent. Barrack Obama’s penchant for the “Blackberry” has steadily found its way into the press. Whether be the fondness for his Blackberry, or white house security issues or his new Blackberry; RIM has found itself in the headlines with Obama. Thats arguably the greatest endorsement that a brand can dream about. Offcourse, Obama has also used his social networking skills in what has also become an example of where technology can take you if you understand it and use it well. Recession apart, i am sure all the gadget freaks and techie junta and the executive business class crowd will bear Obama and his liking of his Blackberry in mind during their next purchase. Blackberry also another celebrity, Lewis Hamilton, wording his penchant for the Blackberry storm in a TV ad. Interestingly RIM has not had to spend a single penny for him as well, since Vodafone is footing Lewis Hamilton’s bill. An enviable position for any Device manufacturer: Having Obama and Lewis rooting for you without paying any bills.

 At the current rate of ascendance to popularity, Blackberry is on its way to becoming a cult brand sooner! Blackberry seems to be appealing to the more “business minded” sections of the customers well even as I Phone walks away with the “Music/Entertainment” space! The loosers in this deal are players like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola! The Gartner YOY Q3 2008 numbers show Blackberry (81% growth) and I Phone (327% growth) leading growth in the samrtphone market shares in US (11% growth). The men and their Blackberries


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