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Hitachi Wooo: The battle of LCD displays on Mobile

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on February 11, 2009

p_index_image_011The Gadget manufacturers dont stop. They have been constantly fusing technology forms from various devices to mobile phones! So now, Move over Samsung, as the (arguably) the best phone screens. Enter Hitachi! After producing the slimmest LCD screens at 3.5 cm, they extand that to phones with the Hitachi Wooo featured by Japaneese operator KDDI! 

The Wooo features a 3.1 inch 3D WVGA OLED screen (854*480 Pixels) powered bythe same engine that powers the Hitachi Wooo TVs! It also features a 5 MegaPix CMOS Camera and 600 MB internal data folder. The Wooo is a clampshell with the ability to swivel into clampshell and portrait modes! It has music and video modes and a Navigation system thats aids in Disaster evacuation (???).
Watch this space!

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