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Lenovo: A promising smart phone debut?

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on February 11, 2009

lenovocmLenovo and Dell are the latest kids in the smartphone block. Its getting a bit crowded out there these days! However featured in the pic is the first sneak peak of theOphone.  For its part it looks pretty much and sounds as much the obvious, iPhone. oPhone is based on China mobile’s OMS (Open Mobile system), which after all is Android, and TD SCDMA which is China’s 3G vehicle!

Word goes that China Mobile was initailly goingthe rounds with iPhone but the partnership broke on the issue of sharing margins!

A well placed source said, “Given these(iPhone, Android, Symbian) developments, it is becoming very clear that developing a proprietary handset operating system is essential for dominance of the mobile Internet market in China. At the moment, China Mobile is in a comparatively weak position without its own operating system. With its own operating system, China Mobile will be able to commission customized phones from handset makers and keep its hand strong in negotiations over profit sharing. There is even the possibility that China Mobile may move into manufacturing handsets itself.
Here are a few You Tube videos on the oPhone:

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