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Microsoft, Google and Ovi: The Error list!

Posted in The cloud and the open source by Manas Ganguly on February 13, 2009

Less than 2 days back, i had blogged about the fallibilities of the super corportaions: Microsoft and Google. Interestingly enough Nokia’s foray into online services and application, Ovi has fallen into the list of goofers! This happened when a recent server crash lost all unsynched data on Ovi. This unsynched data is dated from January 23rd 2009 to Febrauary 9th, 2009. This means any data uploaded by the consumer from 23rd Janaury 2009 onwards would not have been saved.

Ovi is Nokia’s foray into internet services through the Nokia devices. Apart From Nokia’s Ovi, Apple’s Mobileme and Microsoft’s My Phone service (to debut) use the cloud to store data uploaded by the customer! While the number of affected users is limited, because of Ovi’s small userbase, it is worth questioning what would happen if for some reason a Facebook would have such a failure.

The conclusion here for the user is: Dont trust the cloud for everything. It is also wise to have a back up local hard disk for your data.

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