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On Google and its Android plans

Posted in The cloud and the open source by Manas Ganguly on February 17, 2009

Last year MWC saw Google unvieling its Android plans. It also had a few applications for mobiles, which generally where cut down version of its computer operations. Within an year, Google Android has come a long long way. Android is a platform where many smartphones are being developed today. In terms of future in smartphones, it probably has the largest number of alliances and products under development (even larger than Symbian and Microsoft). Android also boasts of a up and unning applications store, the Android market. While the number of applications on Android (800) may seem significantly smaller than iPhone(15000), the number of Carriers rooting for Android’s open source technology can herald a significant upheavel in the mobile OS market shares (Dominated so far by Symbian).

According to Wireless intelligence, the number of mobiles globally is a figure close to 3 Billion where as there are only 1.5 billion Internet users (Internet World stats). The medium to internet for the next 1.5 billion users is going to be the mobile. Also mobile will exceed the desktop or Laptop as a medium to internet for the existing 1.5 billion. That is where Android is so important for Google!

Google is also working on Voice search, an extension of its search feature on voice recognition software which will take away the typing, writing, keyboard punching on mobile devices.

Microsoft failed to turn it’s dominance of PC operating systems and office software into a significant presence online, and Google took full advantage. For handset makers and mobile operators, the same forces are at work as Google takes on the 37% market share and incumbent leader Nokia on the mobile space!

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