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Hottest Gadgets: The T3 hot gadgets countdown

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on March 10, 2009

Voila! Palm was dead long time back… and now its back and How! It tops the 100 hottest gadgets on this planet list and the Palm Pre assumes the “iPhone Killer” title beating Nokia N 97 which comes third in the list (the next best Nokia is at 24 and is the Nokia 5800). Surprisingly Apple DOESNOT feature in the top ten (Can you believe it?). The first Apple is the iPod Touch at 12 and iPhone trails at 14. Sony is the comeback kid this time, with its age old Walkman X Series taking the cake at No 2, PRS 700BC Sony Reader at 6 and theP Series VIAO at 10! Bravia and others also make the ranks. Smartphones as a category take 3 (of the top ten  hottest gadgets) with Palm Pre, Nokia N 97 and Toshiba TG01
Read the full list here:


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