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Smartphone market share update

Posted in Industry updates, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on March 12, 2009

The fourth quarter of 2008 saw Smartphone sales growth rate dip to 3.7% (versus 4Q,2007). The report compiled by Gartner, says that the worldwide sales of Gartner reached 38.1 million units, and slowed down considerably due to the fewer compelling devices and a worsened economic climate. Sales in 4Q were marginally better than the Q3, 2008 number of 36.51 million. As a proportion of all mobile device sales, Smartphones bettered the 4Q, 2007 number of 11% by 1 percentage point i.e 12%.

Global sales of smartphones reached 139.3 million units for the year 2008, which betters 2007’s smartphone sales (122.3 million units) by 13.9%!



The iconic Apple iPhone doubled its market share from 5.2% to 10.7%. It sold 4.1 Million iPhone against a 1.9 million number in 4Q, 2007. The buzz around this device is almost unreal, with Operators rooting for it. AT&T (Read Article) has declared iPhone 3G a success after the inroduction of the Iphone served as a catalyst for a shift towards data on its networks. It has reported a 51.2% jump YOY renue from data usage on its networks. For the full year of 2008, iPhone has reported a 245% jump in units shipped (3.3 Million in 2007 and 11.4 Million units in 2008).




Canadian based Telco Rogers, has also reported 36% boost to its data revenues because of iPhone in its portfolio. iPhone now contributes 33% to Roger’s Smartphone sales. (Read Article)

Boosted by the Blackberry Bold and the Storm, RIM’s market shares went from 10.9% in 4Q 2007 to 19.5% in 4Q,2008. It registered a 85% growth in number of units from 4 million in 4Q,2007 to 7.4 million in 4Q,2008. Over the full year, RIM bettered its 11.6 Million sales number in 2007 to 23.1 Million in 2008 (a jump of 97%).

The T-mobile G1, the first Android operating system powered mobile, and the Touch Diamond helped HTC better its sales from 1.3 million (4Q,2007) to 1.6 million(4Q,2008), a jump of 20%.

tmobile-g1-uk2Samsung’s Omnia and its other touchscreen devices have finally led its break through into the top 5, displacing Sharp. Samsung registered a 138% growth in 4Q,2008 over 4Q,2007 taking its Smartphone number from .67 million to 1.6 million!

The looser for a while and this time as well, is Nokia, who has lost 10% market share in smartphones (from50.9% to 40.8%). While it is still the market leader by a mile, Nokia was the only compnay in the top 5 to have registered negative growth of 17% (from 18.7 million in 4Q,2007 to 15.56 million in 4Q,2008). On a year basis, Nokia stagnated and registered .8%growth in a market which grew 13%. Its full year market share reduced from 49.4% (in 2007) to 43.7% (in 2008). The numbers shipped were 60 million in both years.


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