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Mobile Operating systems by market share

Posted in Industry updates, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on March 15, 2009

mobile-os-market-sharesSource: Garner Press releases.

In the smartphone space in 2009, mobile platforms will be a major battleground as the associated user experience and the role of the ecosystem grows in importance. The best example of this is the 25000 applications mark and the 500 million application download for the Apple iPhone Apps stores. Presently, RIM, Microsoft, Nokia, Palm are in the race to their own versions of Apps store.

The Operating systems market is now witnessing a shift from a Symbian dominated construct to a more even distribution (even though Symbian is miles ahead of its competitors in terms of size and share). Symbian’s fall has coincided with the fall of Nokia’s smartphone market share and the rise of the challengers such as RIM, Apple’s OS X and Linux based Android. Symbian has been the last in terms of operating systems that has riden the touch device smartphone wave. Apple’s OS X, has taken 10.7% of the OS market shares post its debut in 1Q,2007. Similarly RIM has gained 10% Market share points in 2007 – 08 (8 quarters). Palm has fallen sequentially and the launch of Palm OS sometime this would be eagerly watched in terms of Palm’s recovery from 1% share. Microsoft has kept with the market by featuring in the Samsung and HTC smartphones. 2009 will also be important in terms of Linux’s growth. Not only are more Android devices in the pipeline but also Open source is finding gaining in relevance and acceptance.
In terms of growth vis’-a-vis the market, RIM and Microsoft have grown by 257% and 60% respectively in the last 8 quarters (against market growth of 53%). Symbian has clocked a 13% growth in 8 quarters! In terms of Numbers, Symbian’s 17% loss of market share can be squarely attributed to OS X and RIM.


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