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Is Search the sound of search? (Part III)

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on June 13, 2009


Taking on Google

Talking to the Journal, Mr Ballmer conceded that the new name and new look would not be enough to immediately tip the scales: “To make our 8% grow significantly we don’t have to capture the imagination of everybody, but we have to capture the imagination of some. We have to grow our brand equity.” It will take years to chase down Google, Mr Ballmer told the paper.

Steve Ballmer also acknowledges: “There is no way to change the whole game in one step.” But search “deserves a good feature war.” And Bing will be rolling out new features as it goes forward. But is it enough to get people to switch? Bing is certainly not a game-changer, but it does cut out a lot of the back and forth that happens with so many searches today. If Bing can help people find what they are looking for faster, it will put pressure on Google to keep advancing the ball as well.

Microsoft’s research suggests that up to 60 per cent of queries are not answered by current search engines, and that 50 per cent of all searches are in fact repeats of previous questions. Bing aims to be better at working out what users are really looking for. A search for the website Facebook, for example, would display just one result linking to the site itself, but give users the option of displaying further results about the site.

After a botched up attempt to acquire Yahoo, Bing, it appears to be taking no chances. Ad Age reported the company plans to spend as much as $100 million advertising the search engine.


Mike Nichols, a general manager in the Microsoft search group, said the company isn’t banking on beating Google but does want to transform its also-ran search image.’We want to capture a unique position in consumers’ minds. They need to know why is it that they should use this product.As opposed to saying, we’re a new search engine, we do everything a little bit better than the other guys.’

Matt Rosoff, an analyst for the independent research group Directions on Microsoft, said he thinks Microsoft’s search results are usually on a par with Google’s and combined with the extensive ad campaign, Microsoft has a chance to increase its share.

In the final part of this post, we would analyze on the Search Market and Google Dominance and whether or not will Bing be able to buy in some Traction.

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