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Indian Telecom Story(Part XII): Projection of Indian Internet Growth

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on July 15, 2009

India could have 500 million internet users, 100 million broadband connections and 100 million connected devices by 2012, provided infrastructural bottlenecks are removed and 3G and Wi Max networks are rolled out early according to Indian industry body representing the IT hardware MAIT.

MAIT has set for itself an ambitious target–Goal 511– for achieving 500 million internet user, 100 million broadband connection and 100 million connected devices by 2012.This calls for strengthening of the national IT infrastructure along with the physical infrastructure on a priority basis

At present, there are 60 million internet users, three million broadband subscribers and about 1-2 million connected devices in the country.

The numbers indicate a 9X increase in internet connections, 33% increase in broadband access and 50% increase in internet connection devices (including smartphones and other connectivity based devices).This would also require early roll-out of 3G and Wi-Max networks.

The Indian political scene and economic deficits would impact the spread and reach of internet across the country


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