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Indian Telecom Story (Part XIII): Telcos signal delay in MNP

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on July 17, 2009

The implementation of mobile number portability (MNP) is slated to be delayed further, with the telecom service providers informing the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) that the phased roll out is not possible.

Further, pan-India readiness is required for the proper implementation of call routing, according to the service providers who had met DoT officials recently. The operators also mentioned that due to delay in completion of various activities, it would be difficult to meet the timelines for MNP implementation. The DoT had earlier set a September-end deadline for the first phase rollout of MNP in the country.

The service providers are seeking an extension of the date and as delays would be considered as violation of DoT’s direction. This means that MNP would be delayed by another couple of months, sources close to the development said.

Earlier in March, DoT had selected two US companies — Syniverse and Telcordia — as technology providers for MNP in the country. Telcordia will implement the technology in south and east, while east and west would be taken care of Syniverse.

India with over 400 million mobile connections, and an addition of around 10 million per month, is second largest telecom market in the world.

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  2. […] key word here is FINALLY. After years of being pushed and lobbied against Mobile number portability finally becomes a reality on Indian Soils. So whats […]

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