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Profiling Augmented Reality(AR)(Part I): Shape of things to come

Posted in The Technology Ecosystem by Manas Ganguly on September 10, 2009

Augmented reality has been a part of the future tech folklore for a while now. However, it has been catching more attention now than ever and this video released by Nokia is a crude portrayal of AR would work in the future. Crude? Because of the extreme limitedness of technology that has been showcased. 

So then, what is augmented reality?

Imagine if everything you pointed your phone at – from people to pets, shops to mountains – had its own ‘bubble’ of information. It sounds like science fiction, but augmented reality is already here.


If Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator had walked through, that landscape, this is the sort of information his computer-enhanced vision might have provided. But “Terminator vision” is no longer just in the realm of science fiction films. This is Augmented reality and it is due soon on Smartphones around.

Complete Terminator vision would require bionic contact lenses … but September 2009 onwards, anyone with an iPhone will be able to peer at the world through the phone’s camera and will see layered on their phone screen extra information about the physical things in front of them. Phones with a phone that supports Google Android can already do this. iPhone AppStore augmented reality app for Paris Metro Subway has already been released, and the first AR apps of this kind have also made it to the US. Mobilizy already has already taken the plunge into AR, by launching Wikitude Drive on the Android, an augmented reality GPS navigation app for smartphones. Here’s the video:

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