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Yahoo:”It’s You”

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on October 7, 2009

Yahoo attempts to re-package itself. Its got what it takes, or is it a different ball game altogether..this time round.

Its You

What do you do to 581 million visitors visiting your ssite every month! What do you do when 76% of the US population use your website? That was a question that Carol Bartz and her management team at Yahoo faced after it off sourced its Search to Microsoft Bing. The answer was design the Yahoo portal around its user. Make the portal an all in one shop keeping the “user” at the centre. The user ws the king and teh site was his slave. Yahoo gave the power of customization and personalization to the user saying “Its Y!ou”. It has plans to support this with a $100 dollar marketing campaign! Lines that will be featured on the homepage such as “It’s time to get personal” and “The new Yahoo lets you do it your way every day.” Yahoo said it expects to see a shift in consumers’ perspective of the company brand within 12 months as a result of the campaign. Bartz has hinted that Yahoo’s  the Q3 plans include an initial wave of incremental marketing spend which will increase substantially into Q4 and next year.”

Yahoo 1

Since Carol Bartz took over the helms of Yahoo, there has been a lot of pruning of the portfolio and services.  Offloading Search to the Big game players: Google and Microsoft was probably a smart thing to do in face of very little differentiation and absence of scale. Offloading Zimbra, the open source email company that Yahoo bought in 2007 for $350 million goes to show the seriousness about portfolio prunning.

Yahoo 2

Yahoo 3

So far, as i remember, Yahoo too me was about messaging and emails and general trivial stuff. That is what propelled the initial growth at Yahoo. Those were the days when there was no Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others. However, the years 2000-2005 are very different from 2009. Even though Yahoo in its new avatar sports the Facebook and other local relevant content, will the users find it so compelling to make it their home on the internet? For me, i will take time getting used to Yahoo’s new avatar. May be i will love it, may be i wont. May be Yahoo will convince me with its $100 million. May be it wont. We shall see.. wont we?

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