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A peep into Apple’s future: A Photo essay

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on October 20, 2009

Introducing a photo essay to my blogs with this post, since pictures say it louder than words. Well, Mostly!

Apple Tablet 1

Apple’s sinful delights. The iMac, iPhone and iTablet are every tech geeks dream. Everyone seems to have a desire for these products. On the product side, these gadgets are an innovators delight and every consumer’s dream.

Apple Tablet

The first look of the fames iTablet: Apple’s next wonder machine!

Apple Tablet 2

The iTablet in its full glory. Connecting to the internet is fun more than everything else.

Apple Tablet 11

This then is the edge. A foldable OLED screen that adorns the Tablet. This may probably be the first sight of iTablet’s second runner. There are others who have worked with FOLED (Foldable OLED screens); Samsung and Sony to name a few, and this technology is another class altogether.

Apple Tablet 10Apple Tablet 8Apple Tablet 7Apple Tablet 6

Apple Tablet 3Apple Tablet 4

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