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Worldwide Q3,09 Smartphone and Devices Market Shares: Gartner

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on November 13, 2009

Worldwide mobile phone sales appears to be tanking with a YOY (3Q 2009 versus 3Q 2008) increase in sales of .1%. This contrasts sharply against a 12.2% YOY (3Q 2009 versus 3Q 2008) increase in smart-phone sales. This is according to the 3Q Mobile phones report by Gartner. The 3Q,2009 was charecterised by channel slowed its inventory-reduction efforts leading to increase in sales volumes and stagnation of average selling prices (ASPs). Gartner further predicts an increase in sales in the 4Q holiday season. This however will not lead to any increase in the 2009 figures, which will end up stagnant vis a vis 2008.

However Gartner issued a fresh set of carte blanches for the industry:

  1. Android’s coming to mainstream would increase the complexity and competition in the smart-phone space.
  2. Hardware commoditisation and the growth in open platforms will make it harder for devices and platforms to stand out.
  3. Grey-market sales are no longer limited to China and all manufacturers will have to compete with gray-market players as they expand into emerging markets in Asia/Pacific, Eastern Europe, The Middle East and Latin America.
  4. A greater cause of concern is the fact that Grey-market devices are no longer just ultra-low cost models. Feature enhanced phones also feature as a part of the grey market devices.

3Q 2009 Gartner

Nokia appears to still be loosing ground to Samsung who have so far done extremely well with the mid range touch phones: Star and the Corby series. LG also had a decent run with its Cookie series. Going forward the release of Nokia 5230 and 5530 will be an interesting thing to watch out for, as these mid range Nokia devices may prove to be instrumental the market share fight. Research In Motion reached 20 per cent share, its highest yet.

RIM’s sales volumes rested on the Curve 8900 in Europe and the Tour and Storm 2 with Verizon Wireless in the US. RIM also focused on pre-paid sales and more flexible BlackBerry Internet Service offerings, which helped to drive volumes in emerging markets like Latin America.

Apple’s worldwide smartphone share reached 17 per cent as iPhone sales totalled 7 million units in the third quarter of 2009 following the continued rollout of the iPhone 3GS in new countries. Its ASP is holding steady and sales in the fourth quarter should be even stronger as Apple starts selling in China, through one additional carrier in the UK, and in an additional 16 countries.

In the Mobile operating systems space, Android seems to be picking up momentum basis new launches that feature the Android. Sales of Windows-based smartphones saw another decline with the Winmo 6.5 failing to enthuse the markets.

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