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Apple iPhone 3.1:The form evolution of iPhone

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on December 5, 2009

Apple has ruled the smartphone space for two and half years. Apple’s profitability numbers are disproportionate compared to its market shares. Over the last 2 years, Apple has not evolved the design architecture of the iPhone and it looks like with iPhone 3.1, Apple could change the iPhone form for the first time. Check out the pictures

Apple has continued defying doom-sayers and detractors after its June 2007 launch of the original iPhone. June launches for the year was the way Apple defined the game. Apple’s June has been a global event that has captured the fancies of tech geeks and media enthusiasts across the world.

iPhone was the device which turned the conventional definition of smart-phone world upside down. It introduced Mobile Apps to the Smart-Phone world. It re-defined the way consumers accessed their devices and revolutionized the UI. Even as the user and developer community marveled at the revolutionary touch design, for Apple it was only a step forward from the iPod Touch into the smart-phone space.

After the success of the iPhone, Apple upped the ante with the iPhone 3G which was a partial improvement on the iPhone 3G. Apple only added the HSDPA 3G capability in the second coming. Apple did not otherwise add much to its 2007 best seller. However, the iPhone euphoria was good enough to cruise the iPhone 3G to the history books. It was the proliferation of applications on the Apps store which added to the sheen of iPhone 3G.

Given the migration of the US and European markets to 3G and beyond, it was about time in June 2009, that Apple released iPhone 3GS with a 600 MHz processor and a 7.2Mbs HSDPA capability for enhanced data speeds. The S in the iPhone 3GS was “Speed”. The Third edition also got the much improvement in the camera from 2.0 Megapixels in earlier versions to 3.2 Megapixels AF.

The iPhone 3.1 which will see the light of the day in June 2010 is the next installment from Apple. After the 3GS, iPhone 3.1 will be a 4G installment. VoIP may be the next big thing on the iPhone 4G. Over the last three earlier versions, the iPhone has not changed much in terms of its form. Knowing Apple, while they have grown in strength in the Apps market, they would not have been bidding their time resting of the laurels of iPhone. The design element in iPhone as suggested by this picture is an interesting evolution in the form factor. It is not just the curvature but the slimness that is striking. So then if Apple can do away with the CPU, have they done away with the thickness of the iPhone. Looks like that could be the case with iPhone 3.1.Watch this space!

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