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Google unveils Nexus One!

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on December 14, 2009

The Google smartphone and its impact on the telecom eco-system has been covered in an earlier post.

So here it is… Ending a month long speculation of whether it be or not be, Google has unveiled its own Android smart-phone which means a direct assault on Apple on yet another front. The Google phone is named as Nexus One. This one is powered by the Android 2.1 and packs in a WiFi, Google Navigation, Google Goggles, a dedicated volume key and from the looks of it an updated OS features with new 3D elements to the app tray and a new grid icon at the bottom of the homescreen, which when pressed brings up a webOS card-style preview of all homescreen pages — which raises some interesting possibilities.

On the other hand, Android’s trickle (10 products released this year), looks set to become an avalanche in 2010 with 50 products lined up for launch. This includes 5 products from Acer, 5 from HTC, 10 from Motorola and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Android phone. However, Having its own device gives Google more control over how the hardware and software works together, and intensifies competition for Apple. The trend world over is getting to access the internet through smart-phones and Google needs to make sure it has an influence on that. The Google smart-phone makes sure they Google influences how the mobile Web will develop.

Even if the device is not a commercial success, Google may use the device as a way to show other manufacturers and wireless carriers the possibilities of mobile computing.

Google’s phone may be “unlocked,” meaning that it wouldn’t be tied to a specific phone network. Customers would then have to sign up for wireless service from a carrier.

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  1. […] there is Android in 2010, which is waiting to get past Microsoft. As reported earlier in a post, Android will ship through 50 or more devices in 2010 and it is only a matter of time before, Android pushes past Microsoft. Microsoft’s WinMo 6.5 […]

  2. uberVU - social comments said, on December 19, 2009 at 5:43 am

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  3. […] Google’s Nexus One wasn’t the biggest of its success stories. Quite on contrary, the Nexus One risked a lot of OEM wrath and Google ran into conflicts of Interest with Android Supporters. It would appear that Google has not learnt well from its negative experience an year back. Google now risks the wrath of OEM businesses yet again with its latest attempt to take greater control of the Android platform. […]

  4. […] a device with the intent to provide the “pure” pristine Android experience to users. That was Nexus One. The pure, pristine bit is mainly due to the fact that other manufacturers have a way of tinkering […]

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