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The future belongs to the Cloud

Posted in The cloud and the open source by Manas Ganguly on December 14, 2009

Cloud computing is a hot topic these days. Google is betting investments on the cloud and amongst the latest, has unvieled a cloud solution for monitoring deforestation. Apple is betting the future of music on shared music in the cloud domain. The cloud then is here to stay.

What then drives cloud computing? Here are five reasons to consider cloud computing.

1. Lower costs: Cloud computing transfers infrastructure costs to the cloud computing provider. With cloud computing, businesses of all sizes can instantly obtain the benefits of an enormous infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly.
2. More environmentally friendly: Moving applications to the cloud can reduce energy costs for running and cooling hardware.
3. Significant amounts of storage and reliable data access: Often, your company gets a managed service and infrastructure, simple per-user pricing, no hardware and software to buy and maintain, no investment in storage, and the scalability to add and remove users in minutes.
4. Mobile support: It’s relatively easy to support users on-the-go through the cloud.
5. Universal document and application access: Employees may no longer tethered to a single computer or network. Documents can be made to follow everyone `through the cloud`. And a new product feature makes sharing easier than ever.

Google is seeking acquisitions to help boost its cloud computing strategy. The search giant’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, revealed that he is looking to snap up firms capable of helping Google exit the personal computer era and enter the age of cloud-based apps.

• The term cloud computing has become something of a buzzword. It refers to the practice of storing information – such as emails, photos and documents – on web apps that can be connected to at any time, rather than on localised operating systems like Microsoft Windows.

• Cloud-based services such as Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s Office Live are already proving popular with consumers, while Facebook, Flickr and YouTube are increasingly being used to store photos and videos centrally.

• Meanwhile, the use of netbooks – scaled-down laptops specifically designed for easy internet access – is also on the rise. Apple is rumoured to be launching a touchscreen netbook to bridge the gap between its £250 iPod Touch and £650 MacBook.

• Such is the potential of cloud computing that Google is betting the bank on it, investing in the development of Chrome OS, an operating system for netbooks aimed at weaning consumers off Windows.

• Google is hoping that its new operating system, in conjunction with its Chrome web browser, will encourage consumers to use more web-based apps and therefore click on more of its search ads.

• With Amazon, Microsoft and IBM also charging headfirst into cloud computing significant opportunities exist for brands.

• US bank Wells Fargo already allows users to keep digital copies of documents such as passports and birth certificates in its cloud.

• It is likely to be a few years before cloud computing becomes a mass consumer proposition, but smart brands are already exploring it.

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