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Nokia Image Space: Crowdsourcing Photos for a Cool App!

Posted in Applications and User Interfaces, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on December 24, 2009

Nokia combines a bit of crowdsourcing,its GPS/compass capabilities and its smartphones to create an interesting and cool application called the Nokia Image Space.On a higher level, the Nokia Image Space a service for organizing and presenting community generated content, e.g. storytelling, without it becoming too computationally intensive.Put simply Nokia Image Space lets the user create his own 3D pictorial presentations of the places visited. It requires a Nokia smartphone with GPS and compass and a Flickr account.

As illustrated in this screenshot representing a harbor in Honfleur, France, the service displays links to neighboring photos overlaid on the foreground photo. User can navigate through the location by browsing the interlinked photos.

The service prototype consists of three elements:
1.Servers – content and data storage. The servers also provide necessary APIs for creating the spatial presentation of the content.
2.Camera client – the mobile client for S60 delivers rich sensor data when the photo is taken and uploaded to the server.
3.Web browser – a flash-based browser allows the user intuitively navigate the space, comment the media and communicate with other users. The system needs an Adobe Flash 10 plugin for browser and Firefox, IE or Safari.
4.Nokia Image Space uses digital maps, location-based content and MapTP technology from NAVTEQ.

The user has to take a few shots of the place he is visiting while the GPS records the coordinates of the place where the image was taken and the digital compass records the orientation. The GPS coordinates, the compass orientaton and the metadata-heavy image are then uploaded with the mobile Nokia Share Online client.

Image space then crowdsources other photographs of the same location (measured by the GPS coordinates) from Flickr and generates a 3D presentation using all the photos.The full pic can then be viewed on the Nokia Image space browser (which needs to be downloaded on a laptop).

The Nokia Image space is available on the Nokia N97 mini, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6710 Navigator, Nokia 6720 Classic and is also expected to work on many more phones powered by S60 (3.2 or 5.0), which also have an built-in compass.

Below are two YouTube videos that detail the Nokia Image Space.

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