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Surfing the Google Wave: Innovative or Overhyped (Part I)

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on February 17, 2010

Google Wave- An Iconic change or an overhyped Indifference???

In an overview of Google Wave, Dr Lars Rasmussen, founder of Google Maps and the brains behind the Google Wave likens it to the re-invention of traditional email. Quoting Lars:

“… (email was) a system that was invented some 40 years ago long before the world wide web as we know it. Email simply mimics snail mail, while instant messaging is a text version of a phone call. Things have got rather more sophisticated since then, with blogs, wikis and bulletin boards among the many other ways of communicating.”Google positions the wave as a real time communication and collaboration tool.

The working mechanism revolves entirely in and around the browser, using HTML 5 code and works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox and not in Opera and in the Internet Explorer it works only if using the Chrome environ. Following the invitation leads you to, where you sign into your Google account as normal. What you get is an email like prototype. Folders in the navigation bars let you organize your “waves”, with the inbox. Beneath this are lined up the contacts and one the right is the list of Waves, pretty similar to email clients like Outlook. You can create a wave by clicking on the “New Wave” and typing into a box that appears thereafter. A formatting tool helps basic changes and edits. What different is the contacts that get loaded at the same time. As you type your contact name it appears as a moving cursor , so you can see who is writing what.

Why is the Wave Innovative?

Real Time: You can see what someone else is typing, character by character.

Embeddability: Waves can be embedded on any blog or website.

Applications and Extensions: Similar to Facebook or iGoogle, developers can build their own apps within the Wave. It could range from anything from Bots to Complex Real Time Games.

Wiki Functionality: Anything written within a Wave can be edited by someone else because all conversations within the platform are shared. Thus one is able to correct information, append information and add own commentary within a developing conversation.

Open Source: The Google Wave is open Source and aims at nurturing innovation and adoption for all developers

Playback: Just like a video playback, any part of the wave can be reviewed to see what was said in the conversation.

Natural Language: Translates on the fly, autocorrects spellings, clarifies grammatical nuances and more.

Drag and Drop File sharing
: No Attachments required as one can drag and drop files inside the Wave for everyone to have access.

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