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Profiling IPTV (Part IV): The Outlook on Indian Markets. A Billion Dollar Opportunity

Posted in New Technologies, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on March 5, 2010


Wireless IPTV: Wireless IPTV also called ‘Quadruple Play’ is going to be a revolution in India. Launch of 3G and WiMax technology will bring about a huge change in the Indian market.

User generated content: IPTV is much ahead of DTH when it comes to user generated content. Exclusivity of content and differentiation will be key requirements for IPTV to be successful has gone beyond DTH potential to go beyond DTH when it comes to brining user interactivity believes that wireless IPTV is going to be a revolution in India. Launch of 3G and WiMax technology will bring about a huge change in the Indian market.
Interactivity: IPTV is all about interactivity, services from a cable or satellite operator are ‘pushed’ into your home. The user has limited choice and has to keep on surfing channels for variety. Cable TV is a one-way communication where as IPTV provides for a two-way communication. Users have complete control over the content they wishes to view. Content providers and operators will have to come up with more innovative interactive services to capture the imagination of Indian consumers.

Competitive environment: IPTV is not just restricted to telecom operators, globally leading cable operators have also aggressively marketed IPTV services to reach out to new customers. Cable operators can leverage their existing cable network infrastructure, existing customer base and customer reach to offer comprehensive and high quality services at affordable prices.


Indian operators providing IPTV services have not aggressively pushed and promoted IPTV like the way they have promoted DTH. The marketing efforts have been lacking to a great extent. Though BSNL has tried to some extent, the efforts are more of an evaluation strategy rather than a marketing strategy. A more focused marketing strategy would yield better results for these companies. Long term success will depend on Operators collaborating with content developers, content providers and VAS providers to offer unique customized customer centric content. Exclusive content, such as any sporting event exclusive rights, is another area where global operators have been able to push IPTV.
IPTV operators should leverage flexibility of IP platform to extend services to mobile platforms and develop effective approach for content acquisition. Operators need to build advanced services and offer more options for bundling with other services to improve value proposition. Web based and mobile video delivery by working on IPTV into a cross platform strategy could be a significant leverage available.

The Indian market could be the next billion dollar opportunity for the equipment providers for Global and Indian IPTV equipment providers. The need is to have innovation and technology to produce low cost customized set top boxes that can cater to Indian masses. Equipment makers will have to draw inspiration from mobile devices manufacturers like Nokia and to some extent healthcare device makers like GE who have learned the art of building low cost and quality products targeted at Indian consumers.

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