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Twitter: A breather is a right time to re-focus on future coordinates.

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on March 12, 2010

Studies show a lower level of new users on Twitter. However the level of engagement in twitter seems to have gone higher. Perhaps, this low growth period is a good time for Twitter to look at growth engines for its sustained future growth.

A recent survey by Barracuda labs has thrown up some interesting results and observation about the Twitter Phenomenon, that has been the focal point of micro-blogging and community based conversations. Unfortunately for Twitter, the stats say that most of its users aren’t very active.Only 26% of Twitter users had 10 followers or more by December 2009, while only 40% were following 10 people or more (in fact, a majority of Twitter users, 51%, were following less than five people). In terms of tweets, the report estimates that 34% of Twitter users hadn’t tweeted even once, while a whopping 73% of Twitter’s users tweeted less than 10 times. That means nearly all of the tweets on the social network were coming from about one-fourth of the userbase. Power users dominate.

However, there real worry at Twitter is the dramatic decline in users created.Twitter use grew by 20% in April 2009 before dropping off to 0.34% growth in December 2009.

This inspite of the fact that Twitter had some stellar real time coverages of the Haiti and Chilean earthquake, some with profound implication in terms of aid and life saving situations.

However the silver lining is the fact that the stats are turning steadily into Twitter users and the chatter is expanding both in terms of number of size of users and the user engagement with the medium. Twitter recently reported it had reached 50 million tweets per day. The new users of Twitter may seem to be hitting the saturation, but the existing users are enriching the content and context more than ever. Thus there is a qualitative enrichment of the platform.

Twitter now has to ensure that it is able to integrate more features and services that make for a better user conversation and sharing experience. The Lists and Location Based Feature is just the beginning. Twitter has to deliver on innovation to add to the user experience even as users keep adding to the quality of conversation.

Check out the detailed June 2009 report here.

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