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Sino-Google Conflict (Part V): Who is the looser, anyway?

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on March 24, 2010

The Google-China spat coincides with a particular souring of US-China relations and an increasing belligerence of Chinese leadership to all things western that seem to challenge it’s vice grip on the cultural and political environment of China. Before the censorship issue spiraled out of proportions, Google had collaborated with the Chinese government to censor online info available to the Chinese public. But things went a little too far, with Chinese hackers trying to hack into the Gmail accounts of Human rights activists in China. A lots been spoken about whose loss is it anyway?

Here’s my take on whether the opportunity loss for Google outweighs the Chinese loss of its freedom to information and expression.

The Great wall has been a symbol of China for long and metaphorically it can be regarded as guarding a closed kingdom. The status has not changed over the centuries.

The Google-China spat is probably a good indicator of the parochial thought that pervades the Chinese policy makers and the leadership.
While Multinational and Global organizations are doing big business in and with China, the inner core of Chinese thought is still very non-transparent, conservative and insecure.
By trying to regulate, the power of free expression, the Chinese leadership is also denying its citizens the right to stand together with their global counterparts.

Bottomline, Google’s loss may be transient and transitory. But China seems to be doing a permanent loss to its technology innovation and its human rights to information and expression.

The impact of information censorship on free information and societal development

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