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Active TV through the Android OS

Posted in New Technologies, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on April 10, 2010

So how would you expect an Android TV to be different than the IPTVs and Satellite televisions of today? The answer is consumer engagement!

Scandinavia, the first fully interactive Full LED –HD OLED internet TV powered by Android was launched at IFA Berlin by Sweden’s People of Lava in sizes 42”,47” and 55”. Starting this summer selected early users will be able purchase and evaluate the Scandinavia TV through a beta-test program and discussions are already ongoing with potential future partners and developers for content and media. The innovation is seen as the fusion of the Android smartphone capabilities and a full HD LED TV.

So coming back to the first question: Android TV versus IPTV and other Satellite televisions. While Web TV is the future in making, simply replacing the laptop with a TVV screen is not adding any value to the proposition. Researches have pointed out to the fact of multitasking during the (passive) TV experience. The new TV experience is dynamic, reciprocal and certainly not passive, but combining the laptop and TV in media consumption without the burdens/difficulties of usage, can be a relevant middle-way to change TV behavior without being too disruptive.

Thus the People of Lava proclaim: “Watch TV, chat with your friends, play You-Tube clips, surf the net. This becomes a (dynamic) window to the world.”

Android platform and internet capabilities provide a wide range of functionalities, including Android TV applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Weather, Time, Calendar, and Internet Browser. Users can download Apps, both free and from coming the Android marketplace and the People of Lava App-store. The Android TV provides access to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and let you send email as well. It allows the user to surf the net, plan trips with Google Maps, It also has USB connections to use external storage and other features. From an application point of view, the Android TV will be interesting if the portfolio of applications is broad. Imagine TV viewing getting active with a thriving community of developers and App makers adding value to the whole equation.

Active TV viewing is here….

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