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Digitalization of India: Census 2011 and National Population Register

Posted in Technology impact on economy and population by Manas Ganguly on April 13, 2010

Computers and Telecommunications not only drive the Indian Economy, it looks to be shaping it fully. This post profiles first of three different efforts all with the same goal of making atleast a majority of Indian Population Digitally enabled.

The Census 2011, a “once in a decade” exercise to measure the population of India has been launched. Notwithstanding, that the census will try to put a number to 1.2 billion population of India and span over 11 months across the 28 states, 640 districts, 5767 tehsils, 7742 towns and 6 lakh villages across the nation and engage 25 lakh officials cost the nation Rs.2,209 crores and spend 11 million tonnes of paper, this Census will be special. The census this time will introduce the National Population Register (NPR) which will profile all persons above 15 years age by photographs and biometric fingerprinting. Thus the census this time will not only put numbers but also have graphic and biometric details of the 1.2 billion population of the country. This will thus become the national data base which will be able to track individuals in terms of Public distribution systems, work permits, salaries and taxes, criminal records and more in months to come.

(to be continued)


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  2. manoj said, on April 3, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    results of census are at better now. india has at least rooted out one problem which is of literacy. now it is clear that it is now 75 % + and best part is that women and Men are nearly at same level. – i feel it is big milestone for india.

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