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Mobile Healthcare: Future Calling

Posted in The Technology Ecosystem, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on April 15, 2010

John (35) is a middle manager in a large corporate. 2 years back, John was diagnosed to be diabetic and he has to visit his physician every Wednesday for a weekly blood check. It is difficult keeping up with the time, manage office and traffic and more. Fortunately, John uses this new application on his mobile phone wherein he sends weekly blood tests data to the computer of his physician. He gets the blood tests done through his glucometer, feeds in the data to his smartphone and sends it over to his physician who does the regular data checks and advises on course of action/course correction. This way John has reduced his monthly visits to the physician to 1-2 per month instead of 4 per month.

Featuring Mobile Healthcare!

Bollywood, Astrology, Cricket and Devotion are the growth engines of mobile VAS industry. However, I strongly believe that value to the consumer will not be so much from the A-B-C-D of mobile VAS as much from the more relevant services, like education and healthcare. It may be due to lack of spectrum for large volume data transfers of legal implications of distance health monitoring, Mobile Healthcare is a nascent market in India. This in spite of the fact that most of the time, people consult their family physicians over phone and get the diagnosis done telephonically.

According to a recent report from Juniper, revenues from remote patient monitoring using mobile networks will rise to almost $1.9 billion globally by 2014, with heart based monitoring in the US accounting for the bulk of early mobile monitoring roll-outs. The Mobile healthcare market also includes health and fitness mobile applications that will thrive and eventually spawn a new market for advanced apps which integrate sensors worn on the body.

So what’s next on the horizon? How about Health care MVNE? A Fortis Healthcare Connection within an Airtel connection that gives the users (mostly Fortis patients) the ability to connect with their doctors on a call. Whats the number of such an MVNE? Well… just estimate the number of Heart patients and diabetics in India….

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