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Digitalization of India: What the UID would mean to the common user?

Posted in Technology impact on economy and population by Manas Ganguly on April 16, 2010

In an earlier post, i had written about the User Identity Program that the UPA government has undertaken with Nandan Nilekani (Ex CEO Infosys) to drive information access to the vast Indian population. This post details the UID program and what it could be doing to the life of people.

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The UID would be Nandan Nilekani’s biggest project till date.

The following would be the first level benefits from the UID for individuals:

• ATM Card (Before transaction the user has to enter its last four digits of virtual Debit card)
• Credit Card (Before transaction the user have to enter its last four digits of virtual card)
• Bank Account opening, will not require any lengthy process and the process will hinge only on the UID.
• NREGA payments will get deposited to the users bank account number by the vendor.
• AN employee will carry all his employment details on his card which can just be updated every time the employee moves office, location of organization.
• UIDs will facilitate Online tax returns and tax deductions will happen online. Thus the government will save interest amounts charged.
• The UID will facilitate shopping transactions just like a normal debit card.
• The card replaces the driving license. It would carry the photograph of the user and his eligibility in driving.
• The UID will carry all biometric information on the user in case of emergencies and accidents.
• The UID will also double up as the voters card and can be used at voting kiosks to register his vote from remote locations.( A Chennai voter can register his vote from Delhi)
• The cards will be mandated at every property sale/purchase. It can thus be useful in tracking the unaccounted deposits and monies besides providing an electronic database of the person’s wealth.
• Government grants would also be planned in accordance of the UID records.
• All individual expenses on the government front such as electricity bill, water bill and utilities will be deducted/added on the UID.
Thus the UID becomes a tool to track an individual’s activities, his income, spends, travels and other details. Given that both systems (NPR and UID) capture biometric data, the effort becomes a 360 degree tracking of the possibly 80-90% of the population of the country digitally.

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