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State of Internet in India

Posted in Industry updates, Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on April 21, 2010

Excerpts from a report by Internet and Mobile association of India (IAMAI), IMRB and eTech

While India has seen a steady growth in internet usage, Penetration rates continue to be relatively low @ 24% of total urban individuals.The year 2009 saw internet penetrating lower socio economic groups (Sec C,D and E) to the extent that the combined usage in these geographies has overtaken the top cities and higher socio economic classes in numbers. Nearly 25% of Indian Population stay in cities. Out of which, 32% are PC Literate. Of the PC Literate population, 72% have used Internet. Of the universe of Internet users, 73% are actively using Internet (accessed it in atleast once in last 1 month).

A few headlines about Internet, its usage and behavioral charecterestics around the internet:
1.The youth segment drives the internet usage in India and forms major portion of users
2.Internet is primarily used for searching general information and for entertainment
3.Internet is mostly accessed from Cyber Cafés. However mobile phone usages is on the increase
4.Internet is mostly used for entertainment (downloading videos and music), Social Networking (Facebook, Orkut), microblogging (Twitter) and user generated content (Wiki, Youtube)

Check out the detailed report of the state of Internet in Indian context:

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