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Apps stores to peak by 2013, Apps to soar even after 2013

Posted in Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on May 9, 2010

ABI Research predicts that 2013 smartphone downloads via smartphones will peak. Last year, consumers downloaded 2.4 billion applications from application stores – a figure that’ll almost treble by 2013, when almost 7 billion apps will be downloaded. Growth will not be steady – 2010 will see a major jump in downloads over 2009. From there , growth will be predicted to be relatively steady through 2013. applications stores are not going away by 2013, but rather they will peak and the number of downloads by 2015 will have only decreased by 7 or 8 percent.

Apple’s App Store will remain the market leader until 2013 according to ABI’s report, despite pressure from Android and Symbian. This report however is handicapped by specifity of devices kept only to smartphones only and not taking into account feature phones.

Three main trends that seem to be emerging with the future of Apps stores going forward are
1. Carriers plan to launch their own application stores, which will extend the principle of downloadable applications to feature phones. This means access to newer and developing markets where smartphone penetration is lower.
2. Evolution of the mobile internet will then lead to consumers starting to head away from dedicated stores for their software applications. Total app downloads will probably continue to grow, although downloads via app stores are expected to fall. Users will download apps from the home sites.
3. In addition, more and more popular applications will be preloaded on mobile devices. Social networking apps in particular will be pre-loaded on new products.”
4. Platform Fragmentation will pose to be challenge for the Apps stores and the developers community.
5. With so many apps and so many stores, indexing the best Apps and increasing their discoverability for consumers is also going to be a critical piece for greater depth in terms of usage and greater width in terms of number of consumers.

Read Earlier posts about the Apps A to Z of Applications here. This is a repository of the kinds of action and stuff that could and would happen at the Apps front in the near future.

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