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Gartner: A study in Mobile Gaming

Posted in Gaming by Manas Ganguly on May 18, 2010

Mobile gaming is Big… If the reports from the Apps store reports have to be believed. Gaming is one of the top 3 most downloaded applications from Apps stores: Be it Apple, Google, Ovi or the many others. Gartner estimates 70 percent to 80 percent of all mobile consumer applications downloaded are mobile games.

The mobile gaming industry grew by 19% YOY 2009-10 versus 2008-09 and Gartner redicts the growth to remain intact at 15% CAGR for the next half a decade. The mobile gaming market is expected to reach $11.4 dollars by end of 2014. While a majority of Apps downloads are games, 60 to 70% of downloads are “free”. This trend doesnot look like its going to change at least in the next 2-3 years.

According to Gartner , the factors that will be boosting the global popularity of mobile gaming include the following:
1.The increasing accessibility of mobile games in emerging markets, where alternative gaming media are limited.
2.Growing availability of micropayments for mobile gamers attracts users previously wary of investing larger amounts of money upfront to try out a game and also attracts groups whose disposable income is limited
3.Even with the popularity of the Apps stores,Gartner doesnot expect the ad-supported model to take off within the next three years – despite the success seen with this approach in the Japanese market
4.Improved user interfaces are a top priority for handset vendors as a competitive differentiator. A growing number of devices are implementing touchscreens and gesture, and enhanced qwerty keyboards will also improve the end-user experience.
5.An increasing number of games are taking advantage of existing device features, such as camera, GPS and accelerometers, to enhance game play.
6.Direct billing is one of the most significant value-adds that Content Service Providers can provide their partners – allowing consumers to charge purchases directly to their wireless bills.
7. Improvements to boost access to mobile games via search and recommendation engines are also improving take rates for mobile gaming, while more-competitive data pricing will lower barriers to adoption.
8.As more devices become connected, consumer electronic devices, such as tablets and portable gaming consoles, will join this space, adding another aspect to the market

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