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Profiling Cognitive Radio: The 5G driver

Posted in New Technologies by Manas Ganguly on May 27, 2010

The technology evolution from GSM/CDMA to LTE/WiMAX and the Cognitive Radio (which would enable 5G)!

Cognitive radio technologies includes the ability of devices to determine their location, sense spectrum use by neighboring devices, change frequency, adjust output power, and even alter transmission parameters and characteristics.A cognitive radio is a transceiver that is able to understand and react to its operating environment. Thus cognitive radio concerns devices and networks which are computationally intelligent about radio resources and related communications to detect user communication needs as a function of use context and provide radio resources and wireless services appropriate to those needs. Thus the Radio is aware/cognitive about changes in its environment and responds to these changes by adapting operating characteristics in some way to improve its performance or minimize loss in performance.

• At one extreme, is an intelligent device that can reconfigure itself to interact with any radio network in the vicinity, depending on the requirements of the user
• At the other extreme, there is a intelligent device that detects interference and change their operating frequency to avoid it.

Spectral occupancy measurements consistently show that some bands are under utilized in some areas at some times. Recent measurements by the FCC in the US show 70% of the allocated spectrum is not utilized. Time scale of the spectrum occupancy varies from milli-secs to hours. Cognitive Radio increases the utilization of the Radio Spectrum and decreases spectrum holes and white spaces. Thus Spectrum holders are able to use their spectrum more efficiently and sub license it further and supports new models not directly tied to spectrum availability. In short it could facilitate spectrum trading.

The potential benefits include expansion of critical communication networks, higher date rate services to users, enhanced coverage, more extensive device roaming and cost management.Cognitive radio is a promising technology that can significantly enhance utilization of radio spectrum and has the potential to facilitate new spectrum trading approaches and business models.

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