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Post release Notes on Android 2.2: Froyo (Part I)

Posted in Industry updates, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on May 30, 2010

Android is beginning to see the traction that it was always expected to it as Manufacturers, carriers and Consumers are opting for Android. The recently concluded Google’s annual developer event is a clear indication of the phenomenal momentum Android has secured in 18 months flat. Over 5,000 people were present at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, with a further 24,000 watching the first day’s key note presentations on a live stream on YouTube.

Android is now running in over 60 devices from 21 manufacturers in 48 countries with 59 carriers. It has over 180,000 developers and more than 50,000 applications are available in the Android Marketplace. The most significant statistic is the activation rate for Android phones, which is now in excess of 100,000 units a day. This has increased from the 30,000 units announced at the end of 2009 and the 60,000 mentioned by Eric Schmidt at Mobile World Congress in February.

While Android may have some distance to go in the Apps space and creating a UI which wows the consumer (Apple’s forte), Gartner and other numbers seem to suggest that Android is well on its way to become one of the top 3 smartphone OSs around. Gartner’s Q1 results for Smartphone OS markets shares have shown Android taking a 8X volume growth to position it 4th in the leaders board. It beat the WinMo in doing so. CCS insight has predicted that Android would ship close to 35 million devices in the 2010 calendar year. These doesnot include other Android devices such as tablets, set-top boxes and netbooks,which are likely to appear later in 2010.Given Android’s growing momentum and broad segment coverage, CCS insight predicts shipments of Android-powered phones will overtake those of Apple’s iPhone in 2011.

Frozen Yoghurt (Froyo) is Android’s latest Android version releases (2.2) and it looks like Google has been busy at work plugging the gaps in its earlier releases as each new release not only plugs the older one’s holes and gaps but also manages to better it.

The Froyo feature lists include the portable Wi-Fi hot-spot functions, improvements to the browser, including support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1, changes to Android Market, new enterprise capabilities and a range of new application programme interfaces (APIs).

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