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Nokia’s low end phones: Return of the prodigy

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 3, 2010

Nokia’s high end game may be all but over, but my personal opinion is that it is taking all the right moves to firmly establish itself in the low end markets such as Asia and Africa. These are markets of the future and Nokia’s combination of services and devices is a sound strategy to garner a kings share to itself. Nokia has made email, navigation and music free and most of the users in 3rd world nations will possibly use Nokia’s as their first computer.

Nokia C1 Pics

However, this post isn’t about Nokia’s services. Over the last 2 years, white label Chinese manufacturers had started taking the low end markets away from Nokia with an aggressive feature-price combo. Nokia was seen struggling against dual SIM phones with dirt cheap features and expandable memories.

Nokia C2 Pics

Devices being its core strength, Nokia has finally hit back at the wannabees with its first two dual SIM phones, code named C1 and C2. While the C1 which is priced at 30 Euros and features a FM, Flashlight, 3.5mm headset jack,1.8” screen, possibly a 1000 mAH Battery. For most of it, this phone is handicapped by lack of Expandable T Flash Memory. However the real monty is the C2 with FM, Hot-swappable SIM (access to the second SIM card without opening battery i.e phone running), Memory Expandable upto 32GB, Mp3 Player, Nokia Life Tools, Ovi Mail, VGA Camera, Bluetooth, GPRS, possibly a 1000 mAH Battery at a price tag of EUR 45. At that price the feature combo is a rocker and would help Nokia tide over the low end market share crisis. What’s going to help Nokia is its services portfolio which in times to come will acquire size and scale and will be critical to Nokia’s market share plans.

What can still upset the Nokia’s apple cart is an integrated effort by the handset eco-system: Operators, Handset manufacturers, Mobile Network Enabler and Developer communities.

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