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iPhone versus the Android army

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on June 24, 2010

Even as Apple releases the iPhone 4G amidst hype and hoopla, the Android army is pitching products like never before and narrowing down the technology lead that Apple had over its competitors.

Droid/Milestone was the handset that got the beleaguered mobile phone giant Motorola back in reckoning. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha’s single point agenda to drive Android powered smartphones is beginning to show results for Motorola. The Motorola Droid/Milestone provided worthy competition to the Apple iPhone 3GS. Now with Apple ready to launch the latest installment of its blockbuster iPhone on June 24th, the Verizon-Google-Motorola announcement which is happening on 23rd June could only mean a preemptive attempt to steal iPhone’s launch thunder by urging consumers to hold on their dollars and wait till the Moto Droid/s hits the stores.

The surprise here is that there are 2 Droids in succession: The Droid 2 and the Droid X, of which Droid 2 would be unveiled on June 23rd and Droid X on 19th July. The second part of this story is the Android Army and its relentless attempts to take the spotlight away from iPhone. The iPhone 4G faces stiff competition from HTC EVO and now Google is bolstering the fight with the latest Moto Droid/s, one of which also is a 4G ready device. Samsung also joins the party with its latest Android Galaxy S. HTC has also announced the Android 2.1 Aria sometime back. The third part of the story is the Verizon versus Sprint versus AT&T 4G devices fight. Verizon rests on the Droids and Sprint takes to the battle with the Galaxy S and HTC EVO.

Heres how the Androids stack up against the iPhone 4G:

While Adobe and Apple have been in a very public battle in the media over Apple’s refusal to support Flash on the iPad or iPhone the Droids will are running Android 2.2 also have Flash 10.1 support. Android and its partners are projecting the Flash 10.1 as something very vital that the iPhone armory does not support and thus the superiority of Android as a platform.

The Android 4G with its 600000 sell outs in the first 3 days and reports of component shortages over ordered quantities has established itself as a worthy successor to the previous iPhones. However, with every new Android release, the gap between iPhone and the Androids is reducing very significantly. Technically, the Androids have started over shadowing the iPhone already. From the looks of it, iPhone will hold on to its “elitist” position but Android and its hoardes look like to take over volumes significantly.

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