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Airtel Apps Central: The case study for Apps Store feasibility in India

Airtel Apps Central recently completed its first 4 months. It has flashed a very impressive set of numbers to emphasize the success of the Apps store format in India. Indeed, there are very interesting set of numbers and facts in 4 month results.

1. The number of apps offered tops 71K, a huge improvement over the 1250 apps it started off with initially.
2. The apps compatibility stands at 780 devices. It started with 550 devices, 4 months back.
3. 75% of the Apps featured are paid, the rest 25% are free.
4. The unique mode of payment, where the post of a paid application gets deducted from the Post paid bill or the Pre paid balance has made acquisition of these apps easier for the consumer.
5. The 71K applications have been categorized under 25 categories
13 million downloads at the rate of 1.2 downloads per second in four months. (That just proves the opportunity for Apps stores in India)
6. More than 32% of the apps downloaded are paid.
7. Tier 2 cities in India made the bigger contributions in terms of downloads (in line with the internet consumption habits of India). The top 5 cities being Surat, Udaipur, Pune, Mangalore and Thiruvananthapuram.
8. The top 5 category of downloads are Social Networking, lifestyle, Books, Entertainment and Games.

Airtel is now working on a downloadable version of App Central so that one won’t need to access it through a web browser but through an icon on the menu. App Central is also aiming to offer local and regional apps for customers across the country.

Two things that will determine the success of the app stores would be
1. Relevance of Apps: As blogged about earlier, Apps would have to dig deeper than Astrology, Bollywood, Cricket and Devotion to establish itself firmly in the minds of consumers. The Mobile phone changed the way a lot of things were done by the Sec C and Sec D class of consumers. The same kind of relevance wil have to be built around these Apps stores
2. Delivery medium: English is the de-facto medium of delivery. This would have to change to Vernacular languages. English by itself has a 10% cut off in population reach. Theres a 90% market that the vernacular languages cover and this is a big opportunity yet again.

The Apps central model will possibly be perfected in India after which Airtel would want to take it to Africa which is the next biggest blossoming telecom market. The parallels and the modus operandi is just so obvious. For a change then, Airtel is making inroads with data traffic in India.Intereting space given that Vodafone and Reliance are already in and Aircel may jump in any given moment now.


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