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HP Tasklets: Enabling Internet on low end mobiles

Posted in Internet and Search by Manas Ganguly on July 19, 2010

HP LABS India has unveiled a new cloud service called ‘SiteOnMobile’ to make internet content and services available even on low-end mobile phones and reach non-tech savvy consumers.Instead of delivering a complete web page onto a mobile phone, the solution delivers only the short content relevant to the user’s task, built around HP’s patent-pending technology — TaskLets.

The new solution, which is operator-independent, enables portal owners to design mobile applications and extend reach from 60 million internet users to more than 600 million mobile phone users.

PC and mobile market has almost saturated in developed countries, where it is only replacement market. However, in India the number of first time mobile buyers is on the rise. Hence, there is a strong need to deliver the value of internet experience on low-end devices used by consumers in emerging markets like India. Reaching out to just 1 per cent of the 600 million mobile phone users, is a huge penetration and an opportunity by itelf

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