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Nokia Kinetic: A Photo Essay

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on July 25, 2010

These are the pictures of the new prototype form concept, called Nokia Kinetic. The most intriguing and interesting thing about this concept is that it includes a electro magnet which helps the phone to stand up.

The real hook of the concept is an electromagnet which placed in the phone’s base that allows for standing up on cue by its own to prominent some specific actions and after the user’s reaction it goes back to its original position, for example if there is an incoming call on Kinetic then it will change its position vertically and if user rejects the call, then the phone will return in to stand by mode. It is be flipped down to dismiss an action like an alarm or a video calling without holding the phone. The handset has mini USB portal. It looks different from other handsets.

The top half of the actual prototype is just 8mm thick, while the bottom is 18mm, and the base also conveniently doubles as a more camera-like grip for taking photos.

This unique concept phone converts digital information into kinetic movement. That means if the phone receives incoming call or a new text message or email on Kinetic then it will change its position vertically. If you do not want to answer, you can just tap it back off to reject the call and the phone will return to its main physical position.

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