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Debating the Microsoft Tablet (Part II): Does Microsoft need to step into Tablet space?

Ballmer has promised that a Windows 7 tablet is on the horizon. Maybe that is a plan in action, may be its just a pipedream.

However, does Microsoft need to focus on developing a Windows 7.0 tablet? Instead what Microsoft needs is to focus on having the relevant and adequate strategy in place for taking advantage of the changing mobile computing market. Ballmer’s reaction to the Apple and Google tablet party can just be not stepping into the Tablet space without having a clear ability in the space. Microsoft has strengths, and it has weaknesses. Rather than trying to overcome its weaknesses to flounder about in a futile attempt to compete in markets that aren’t its core business, Microsoft should focus on its strengths, and how to continue to evolve and adapt them to meet the changing needs of its customers.At one point, mobility was about putting a Windows desktop into a more portable form factor, and supplying the world with Windows laptops, but the game has changed. That means that Microsoft does need to recognize that mobility is rapidly changing and determine where it fits in the new equation, but it doesn’t need to build the mobile platforms.

The rise of increasingly powerful and capable smartphones, and the introduction of the tablet revolution have shifted mobility away from Windows. The next generation of mobile computing relies on a mobile OS that is uniquely suited for mobile devices. Microsoft will shoot itself in the foot if it continues to try to make mobile computing about putting its Windows desktop operating system into new gadgets. Apple and Google have their assets build ground-up for touch based devices which is the key leverage. Windows 7.0, however is not ideally build for a touch screen internet interface,

Most of the world relies on Microsoft Office for essential productivity software. Microsoft’s customers are heavily invested in Microsoft server technologies like Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Communications Server, and they want tools to allow them to access the Microsoft backend while on the go.Rather than wasting time and money pursuing a Microsoft-centric platform that would probably only capture 10 percent of the market anyway, Microsoft should be building its mobility strategy on developing cross-platform solutions, or platform-specific apps that enable the 90 percent of the market to continue using Microsoft software no matter what smartphone or tablet they choose.

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