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Apple versus Android: How Android would take over!

Posted in Industry updates by Manas Ganguly on August 17, 2010

From the gods of personal computing to almost bankruptcy and then being back as the god in Smartphones, Apple has seen the full circle and if the graphic below was to be believed, it is bound for a repeat of its downward spiral.

If you are ruminating disregarding the idea suggested hereby, heres more hard evidence about how vulnerable Apple is on the top:

1. Already the Android army is closing the gap between itself and Apple very fast. Apple is beginning to loose the battle of features against the Android.

2.Developers are wholeheartedly embracing the Android platform. This is because the Android platform is rapidly building a global user base that rivals Apple’s in size. Eventually, the Android user base will be a lot bigger than Apple’s. Scale and Threshold is the name of the game which could upset the “Apple”cart!

3. With the Open source, Android has faced problems in maintaining the sanctity of the platform against loosing out on a uniform user experience due to customization by its vendors. That would reduce the Android experience as a whole and is a negative against the Androids. However, Android is preparing to address that issue sooner.

4.It is believed that Apple can maintain its extraordinary profit growth merely by being a “premium” player–selling fewer devices than the Toyota of the smartphone world (Android) but maintaining a superior product and superior margins.
This is wishful thinking.There just aren’t that many premium buyers in the world.And the gap between the latest iPhone and the latest Android phones is closing.

Apple is possibly trying to counter it by tie-ing up now with CDMA operators that would give them access to markets which they had not touched yet. Also Apple follows an aggressive pricing policy.But the game it seems is likely to be in the “open” space more than Apple’s “walled garden”.

More than two large companies this is two different ideologies at war. Android seems to be getting ahead slowly here.

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