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Apple TV:Did it miss a few points?

Posted in New Technologies, Value added services and applications by Manas Ganguly on September 6, 2010

Since its launch in 2006, Apple TV which was the centre of Apple’s living room strategy hasn’t quite been as luminous as some of other Apple products: iPhone, iPod and iPad. Thus, there was a lot expected when Steve Jobs did announcements for Apple TV on 1st September 2010. Strangely and unprecedentedly for his record, Jobs seems to have missed the bus. Putting it a little more positively, the Apple TV unveiled is possibly just the first step and there are some miles for Apple to cover before getting the Apple TV proposition perfect.

The revamped Apple TV is 75% slimmer, higher on features and at a great price point of $99 for a start. It plays Music, Movies, Videos, TV and more through a set top box that is attached to the TV. The thought here was to extend the proposition of the Apple TV on the lines of iTunes and provide Digital Music, Digital Movies, Digital videos on rent basis. The business model contrasts with Purchase basis of the iTunes store. So while the iTunes store is from a audio perspective, the Apple TV would be the complete AV experience.

The Set Top Box connects to the TV through a HDMI and to the Music Device through a Optical Audio and to the Internet through Ethernet Cable, WiFi or Internet Router.

Heres analyzing the Pros and Cons of the Apple TV:

The Bottomline thus is that Apple TV is just about an OK start which is a departure from Apple’s Great products and bumper starts that we are used to. The Journey and Competition is made harder by the Android which also has an enviable record of innovation and consumer centricity. Together Apple and Google now face-off in the space, which would potentially stretch the definition of home definition out of current limits.

The prize at stake: $180 billion TV advertisements space.

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