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Who’s afraid of iPad?

Posted in Mobile Computing by Manas Ganguly on September 12, 2010

Apple iPad truly opened up the field for Tablets making it one of the fastest growing devices globally. We have seen others such as Samsung follow suit and there is a buzz about the Android tablets growing steadily. The Android Honeycomb is some distance off but the Androids are turning on the heat. A few others like Blackberry are also in the fray.

In an earlier post, i had mentioned that the Apple iPad had taken a bit of insurmountable lead on others. Heres a different view about the iPad which debates that the Tablet domain is wide wide open beyond Apple iPad.The Apple iPad may have set the standard, but the competition is stepping up. The presentation below debates that there would be other and many wild cards in this domain which would influence the evolution and growth of the Tablet space beyond just the iPad.

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