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Bing and Facebook can spell problems for Google and Foursquare

Posted in Internet and Search, Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on October 13, 2010

October 2007: Microsoft takes a 1.6% stake in Facebook for $240 million.

November 2009: Microsoft integrates Facebook Feeds into Bing search results.

October 2010: Fingers crossed as Facebook and Microsoft are due for a big announcement at the Bing Event tomorrow. It is expected that tomorrow’s Bing event is about bringing Bing and Facebook even closer together. It is reported that Bing may employ Facebook “like” data to make search results more personally and socially relevant. Here’s the example of search going social.

Whats at stake? Checkmate Google and Foursquare

That could be a huge blow to Google, whose relevance ranking algorithm is the company’s crown jewel and the main reason why it still dominates the search market. Google guesses what users are interested in based on their past behavior. Facebook knows what users are interested in because they’ve entered the data right there on their profile pages and news feeds. If Bing can get that Facebook data, that’s an advantage.

Another possibility is integration between Facebook Places and Bing Maps. Imagine signing into Bing Maps using your Facebook name, then seeing the location of all your Facebook friends who’d also checked in. Facebook certainly could use help getting people to use Places. Facebok places is yet to find traction after launching in August 2009.More and more users are signing up for geo-location service Foursquare.

Possibly this will bring more search traffic Bing which has been able to make about marginal gains even after its association with Yahoo Search.

Lets watch this space then.

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