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Search goes Social: Perspectives (Part II)

Posted in Internet and Search, Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on October 24, 2010

The debate- Internet-Searchable or Social seems to now precipitate towards the later.However, the changing landscape of internet has a few perspectives for all the stakeholders in the system. These discontinuities are but natural steps in evolution of internet around the user. In an earlier post, we had examined the effects of social search on Search, Internet Firms and Customers in general. This post is about the impact of Social search on Search Engine Optimization as a strategy and theory

Inclusion of social inputs in search could have many disruptive effects on search as whole. The social face of search is a strategic inflection point, which would involve internet companies re-defining customer experiences and consumer privacy
How does this impact SEO?

Over its 15 years of existence, SEO has grown from being a small wildcat operation run by webmasters and content services to being one of the most dynamic, fast-growing sectors of the tech market. The reason for this rapid growth is because — not in spite –- of the constantly evolving nature of search engines. While the recent developments will change elements of how SEO business works, the fundamentals will remain the same. As much as innovation shapes the day-to-day processes of optimization, the core foundations of the industry remain unchanged. The goal was — and still is — putting clients at the top of results pages, whether this is through organic search, paid search or social media. For SEO, this change highlights the need to integrate social networking if they haven’t already.

The Bing-Facebook agreement is indicative of the many changes that have taken SEO from a small-time game to a major, innovative industry. SEO is not about simply reacting to the changing search-engine landscape. Instead, it is about growing alongside search engines. It is about evolving with them to ensure that searchers get the results they need.

For years now, successful SEO firms have not been focusing their efforts strictly on organic search results. They’ve been steadily evolving along with changes in search engines: new Google algorithms, the emergence of Bing, the development of Google Local, instant searches, paid search, and searchable Twitter feeds.The basic elements remain the same, but sophistication and complexity have resulted in a better product.SEO now need to evolve into Digital Media Agencies (DMAs).

DMAs are about handling the many online representation needs of their clients. While top search engine placement remains the major goal, it is just one aspect of what they seek to do. A DMA also seeks to manage a client’s online reputation, create and maintain their social presence, and handle the many other aspects of a client’s online brand.

Their evolution of SEOs into full-fledged Digital Media Agencies is imperative. And as the social and search industries continue to change, so too will DMAs need to innovate.

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