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Symbian Foundation: Facing Closure

Posted in Computing and Operating Systems by Manas Ganguly on October 26, 2010

In an earlier post about a month back, i had written about how the Symbian Foundation was beginning to slide. Call it prescience or call it understatement, the Symbian is crumbling and the rate of developments suggest that it is going down twice as hard and fast.

A recent report carried by the “A Register” paints a very bleak picture of the Symbian. It cites a few major defections by Sony Ericsson and Samsung to be the root cause of insufficient funding for operations. The UK-based Symbian is understood to have received around $7.8m (£5m) from each of its three biggest manufacturer sponsors – Samsung, Sony Erricson, and Nokia – with Fujitsu and others making up the rest. Symbian’s total budget is believed to be in the range of $28m (£18m). Other members include AT&T, NTTDoCoMo, Vodafone, Adobe Systems, Orange, and Visa. However, Samsung this month said it was puling support for Symbian, and would offer no more applications, software support, or handsets. Sony Erricsson has said it doesn’t plan any Symbian products at the moment – although it remains a Foundation member.That has left Nokia the only major company willing to still fund Symbian.

While there is no official statement on which way Symbian is headed, the official release states “The future business strategy for the Symbian Foundation is still under review by the board. As no decisions have been made, we will not be offering further comment,” That is quite ominous by itself.

The other strong set back to Symbian has been the defection of CEO Lee Williams and his replacement by the CFO Tim Holbrow. According to rumours Holbrow has been appointed to wind down operations and that Foundation employees are being offered redundancy packages.

A few days back, I had featured a post on the rise of Android to No 2 spot on the OS charts. However, the way Symbian seems to be disintegrating, Android could well be up at No 1 by 2011 mid.

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