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Mobile Internet augments Facebook beyond social networking

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on November 5, 2010

Mobiles spur activity @ Facebook

Social networking has become one of the key services driving uptake of mobile Internet access and Facebook, with its 600 million users is the most popular social network for mobile usage in all countries. Furthermore researches and surveys have proven that even though most SNS users typically use Facebook as the default option, half of them also use one or more other social networks. The mix of social networks used shows that handset manufacturers should preload apps for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in all countries. But there is also a case for ensuring that users can access MySpace, Flickr and the two largest local players, which typically come in as the third, fourth or fifth most-popular social networks in our survey. Without these, a significant percentage of users will find that their PC usage of social networks cannot be taken across to mobile as they would like.

Number of social network, e-mail and IM accounts used, Europe Source: CCS Insight: Mobile Internet Usage in Europe and the US, 2010

The use of Facebook is also changing, with surveys showing that it is now increasingly being seen by users as a primary channel for mobile e-mail. Facebook is being used for e-mail by 30 percent to 50 percent of mobile e-mail users. It is used as a second account by more than half of the users of all other e-mail services.

E-mail services used, UK Source: CCS Insight: Mobile Internet Usage in Europe and the US, 2010

Given the nature of social networking as a driving force in mobile Internet usage, plus the strength and rapid growth of Facebook within that, Facebook’s role as an e-mail and IM medium is destined to increase and begin to threaten established providers such as Microsoft, Yahoo and Google.

Now, as we understand Facebook will be unveiling its email service to challenge the might of Hotmail and gMail. Facebook’s email story continues here

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