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How mobility and cloud are disrupting Enterprise Applications

Posted in Computing and Operating Systems, The cloud and the open source by Manas Ganguly on November 18, 2010

Enterprise Software are typically business oriented tools such as online shopping, online payment processing, interactive product catalogues, automated billing systems, security, content management, IT service management, Customer relationship management, resource planning, business intelligence, HR management, manufacturing, automation and application integration and are used in organizations to increase efficiency of the systems. Now, the advent of mobility is one of the main disruptors of the enterprise apps ecosystem. Companies donot have choices but to support mobility as users expect to have the corporate databases available to them through a mobile client. Not being open to mobility is a distinct disadvantage which lot of the large organizations can ill-afford to have.

However building mobile enterprise apps is different from traditional apps and a lot of change needs to take place to ensure smooth delivery on the mobile platform. For instance, it is not enough just to push data to a mobile browser. That would only serve as a short-term solution. Enterprise application developers need a different mindset when creating mobile applications which must encompass added focus on data efficiency and security. Security will prove especially challenging because the underlying technology for mobile technology is not as secure as it should be. Therefore, app ecosystem and mobile platform stakeholders will need to push to make their platforms more secure.

Apart from understanding security issues, developers also need to consider the cost of pushing data to the mobile device and develop apps that are more bandwidth efficient. Apps developers for individual consumption donot think about a data constraint when developing the app and its execution process. However for enterprise apps, the developers mindset with respect to data consumption needs to be frugal much like the Cloud computing counterparts. SaaS (Software as a service cloud developers) tend to be a little more efficient about data on the web and understand that all data pipes are not that fast.

On a future perspective, one can see enterprise apps wholly migrating to the cloud such that the market for cloud computing enterprise apps will include cloud services from different vendors by combining products from different vendors and different platforms. This approach would put pressure on the legacy enterprise software vendors.

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