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Google Nexus S underwhelms!

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on December 7, 2010

An year back, Google announced its plans to work on a device with the intent to provide the “pure” pristine Android experience to users. That was Nexus One. The pure, pristine bit is mainly due to the fact that other manufacturers have a way of tinkering with Android to build in their own levels of differentiation into the product which is very understandable (Click here for more details). Inspite of the initial failure of Nexus One. Google’s intent clearly remains unchanged.

Google yesterday unveiled the Samsung manufactured Google S. Blogs, Articles, Reports and You Tube is full of articles reporting the Nexus S. The Nexus S is positioned as a pure Google smartphone. For everything else, the physical specs are close to Samsung Galaxy S, but this is the flagship Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). The Nexus S supports NFC signaling Google’s move into Contactless solutions (This would be the big Mobile Push into Payment solutions).

However, in my opinion, the Nexus S in terms of device is extremely underwhelming. This may be because of the multiple version releases of the Android coupled with the Android army effect. The changes and developments with every other Android becomes that much more “incremental” as against an iPhone which because of its 1 device per year approach has been able to bring forth “innovations” which are far more discontinuous and have the “Ah” effect.

Coming back to Google Nexus S, the look is fairly a cross between every other Samsung Android and the Nexus One. If there was one lesson that Gogle could have taken from the Milestone success, it was the side sliding keypads, which serve as a differentiator if not anything much beyond that. Gingerbread may be fast, very fast, but Google could possibly worked on the 1GHz Microprocessor and extended a bit on that. One would ideally have expected a Dual Core Tegra microprocessor, but Tegra’s release is still a month beyond. But I would still expect a 1.4GHz device. The other small addition that would have made a significant lot of difference to the Nexus S would have been a Radio and a TV out. 2 Cameras are passé and a 5MP Camera is hardly anything to write home about. One important miss in this device is the lack of 4G. With HTC EVO 4G establishing the benchmark, the minimum expectation with a Nexus S would have been a 4G! The looks are also very commonplace and plastic. Not impressed there. Sealing the list is a Internal 16GB memory capacity as against a T-Flash Card slot to allow the user to load his kind and requirements.

Bottomline: Not to make a Mistake, the Google Nexus S is a great device by itself with an impressive feature set coupled with the Gingerbread and NFC. But that aint enough! The way it looks, Samsung did a pretty smart job of cloning and crossing their existing products with the Google Nexus S. There isn’t anything beyond here.

A couple of videos detailing the product story of Nexus S (Not very convincing) and the Nexus S in its glory are featured here.

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