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Will Android 3.0/Honeycomb beat the Apple/iOS?

Posted in Computing and Operating Systems, Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on January 7, 2011

This is a mundane question, but its one question that will be asked aplenty after the Honeycomb made its appearance at CES 2011.

My answer is No.

Android is increasingly disposed towards scale. The Honeycomb Android 3.0 version is a great alternative to iOS/iPad, but in terms of serving a “connected” experience across a range of devices, the Androids are behind. iOS allows you to seamless connect thru and across your devices. The Android’s with their lack of standardization and fragmentation across different versions will not be able to produce an “integrated experience”. Somewhere, the strategic teams at Google would also realize that expostulating the virtues of “openness” has cost them in terms of common experience across. (That was what the Nexus was designed… for the pristine device experience). Sample this:

1.Google has been ill-able to integrate experiences across the smartphone category with multiple versions of its Android.
2.Android 3.0/Gingerbread will have “difficulty” talking to smartphones unless dual core processor smartphones hit mainstream. (Expect that to happen by end of 2011, at the earliest)
3.Google has not been able to perfect its Google TV experience, and are back at the drawing boards redefining TV strategy.

Given that its free to all OEMs, Androids will achieve numbers, but they will lack the finesse of the iOS across the domain of “connected home appliances”.

Net, Apple still has stronger fundamentals and should do better in terms of making money.

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