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Facebook’s Glory days:No Company in recent history has had a run like FB!

Posted in Social context, media and advertising by Manas Ganguly on January 16, 2011

Facebook and Zuckerberg are adhesived on-to headlines now, whether it be due to the movie: The Social Network, or Mark Zuckerberg being judged as person of the year by Time, Facebook Messages (that heralds a bold move for FB from social networks to full-fledged communication system) , Social gaming through Facebook, Facebook Credits and Online Currency, Goldman Sach’s $50 billion or a $70 billion valuation @ $28.26 per share or 100 million users on Cityville 43 days after launch or the impending “shut down” of Facebook come March 15th 2011.

In October 2010, Facebook acknowledged that some applications on its site, including the popular game FarmVille (by Zynga), had improperly shared identifying information about users, and in some cases their friends, with advertisers and Web tracking companies. The company said it was talking to application developers about how they handled personal information, and was looking at ways to prevent this from happening again.News and Controversies apart, Facebook is the toast of the year and continues to promise more.

FB has grown at a meteoric pace, doubling in size since 2009 and pushing international competitors aside. Its policies, more than those of any other company, are helping to define standards for privacy in the Internet age. FB has also come to be seen as one of the new titans of the Internet, challenging even Google with a vision of a web tied together through personal relationships and recommendations, rather than by search algorithms. In a major expansion, Facebook has spread itself across other websites by offering members the chance to “Like” something — share it with their network — without leaving the web page they’re on. Analysts see Facebook as the “default platform” of a new age of information organized around personal relationships.

FB is pacing its reach globally. Interestingly enough, after it biggest market US (with 146 million users), FB is most popular in Indonesia (34 million users) and then UK (27 million users). The interesting bit about Indonesia here is that, it has an online population of 40 million, which means Facebook connects more than 85% of the online Indonesian population. Asia houses 112 million Facebook users, contributing one-fifth of Facebook’s total user count. The raising number of Facebook users mainly comes from 3 fast growing countries that saw 4 digits growth rate in the last 24 months – Malaysia (1,000 percent), Thailand (4,000 percent) and Taiwan (7,500 percent). Facebook’s secret sauce toward success in Asia is mainly due to its quick adaptability to different cultures and languages. The originally English-based social network allows non-English speaking users to translate the site’s description to their native language.

The other factor that has helped Facebook extend its reach in Asian countries is the use of Gaming as a penetration strategy. Farmville and now Cityville are pilling on users who necessarily have to get a Facebook account to access these games.

The only frontier unchartered by Facebook is China. FB remains banned in the Chinese community while Renren has grown to have more than 150 million users. Nonetheless, Facebook still has about 300,000 Chinese national users accessing it through proxy server or when overseas. But the value of the Facebook network is weak among Chinese nations.
FB has had better luck in Russia as it recorded a 376 percent increase in users from January to August last year, according to comScore data. It currently has more than 4.5 million users in Russia but is still far behind VKontakte, which has about 28 million users. The Silver-lining henceforth: If Facebook has succeeded in penetrating the Russian market, it might have a shot at doing the same in China.IN TIME!

To wrap up, heres an interesting presentation from Amodiovalerio Verde on the demographics of FB!


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