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Blackberry: Past Perfect, Present Tense, Future Unsure (Part II)

Posted in Mobile Devices and Company Updates by Manas Ganguly on January 22, 2011

While the earlier post, was a study in factors that led to the slide in BB, this post examines the efforts made by BB towards a more consumer centric product approach.

While Torch was BB’s best effort till date at consumers, BB’s consumer technology compares poorly to other companies’ end-user-focused devices. RIM’s application marketplace trails Android and iOS by several orders of magnitude, and the overall consumer experience is far less polished than the competition.

RIM must find ways to evolve its platform to be more competitive with changing user needs. While recent acquisitions show that RIM is slowly picking up some of the parts that it needs, such as a new kernel and better Web technology, it will need to accelerate the process of integrating those features into a new operating system — as well as a more coherent marketing campaign to better explain RIM’s offerings. To that extent, the QNX OS that BB has introduced in its Playbook tablet is somewhat at par with the expectations in the market. It had to be because tablets are quintessential consumer devices. BB stepping into this space may give the category some shades of enterprise.

Ideally, RIM needs to transition to a new platform entirely rather than attempt to evolve its current offerings. If a modern platform suddenly became available for sale that RIM could use to leverage its core strength, while providing new features, it would be wise to become a bidder. Otherwise, the BlackBerry might become a bit of nostalgia, eclipsed by later entries that were more capable for today’s growing needs. The leaked out features and specs of the 2011 Blackberry, which include the Bold 3 and the Torch 2 have been pretty average on specs and BB 6.0 OS has not really taken the thunder out of the iOS and Android numbers.

Specs: BB Torch 2

Blackberry Storm 3 Spec and Images

Blackberry Storm 3 Spec and Images

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  4. Quora said, on June 26, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    What do RIM’s latest results tell us? Is BlackBerry a smouldering platform? Encouraging noises but same problem as Nokia?…

    Interestingly, quite a lot of other factors paint a completely different picture of BB. Revenue is nearly triple where it was in early 2008 and profits are up 250% from the same time period. They are gaining distribution as they move into new markets a…

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